Athlete of the MonthJune

Brooke Spencer

Career: Emergency Department Technician at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

Years at FSC CrossFit: 3

Don't think you can, know you can.

When did you first learn or hear of CrossFit?

I first heard of CrossFit in 2017 when a co-worker described it to me and said he thought I would like it. I went to my first class and instantly fell in love with it. When I moved back to Oakland in 2018, one of my first priorities was to find a CrossFit gym. I was planning to try both gyms in Roseburg, but there was no need once I walked into FSC and saw how friendly and fit Coach Michelle was. FSC has been an amazing CrossFit family!

What do you love about CrossFit? What are your favorite things?

My favorite things about CrossFit are the community and the fact that anyone can do it and benefit from it. It isn’t just for the elite athletes; you can do it no matter what your current fitness level is.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

My favorite CrossFit movement is the snatch.

What are you hobbies? What do you do for fun?

Hobbies include anything outside. Snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting; pretty much any sport. My other interests include baking, crafting, music, escape rooms, and of course my number one hobby, CrossFit.

What would you tell someone just starting CF?

Stop comparing yourself to other athletes thinking you aren’t good enough. Just do the best you can today and tomorrow you will be a little better.

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